3D Printers

It is amazing that technology has reached the point where if you can design something online or within a program, you can turn it into a tangible, 3-dimensional object. 3D printing takes a computer design and analyzes it from every plane and layer imaginable. Then, it prints out the object in deft layers by heating up small plastic wiring. You can see the ridges in many 3D printed materials that show where the plastic was melted and “glued” together.

Whether you want to own a 3D printer for personal use or you want to contract with a 3D printing company, the world of design is suddenly at the general public’s fingertips. This 3D technology has the potential to revolutionize many different industries like medicine, construction, and more.

3D printing has been shown to be effective in creating extremely accurate implants for transplantation and reconstructive surgeries. The technology can effectively pinpoint the structural needs of a patient and create bone structure that is unique and reliable. According to surgeons, using the 3D printing technology actually makes the time it takes to complete surgery much shorter. The technology can also make it easier to create customized solutions for prosthetics and implants.

In the UK, Royal Mail is partnering with a 3D printing company to provide printing services to customers. The model hopes to encourage customers to try out the technology without having to face the expense of purchasing the necessary equipment themselves. Royal Mail wants to provide 3D printing services to small businesses that can’t afford to invest yet, pushing forward the growth of the industry, which is expected to surge over the next 4-5 years.

In the construction industry, it may not be long before your home is first printed out on a 3D printer before it is constructed. Companies can lay out a whole estate or neighborhood before starting to build and can establish a better way to plan and organize a construction project from start to finish. One day, it might even be possible to print actual buildings – the technology could be used with quick drying concrete and other formable materials to create affordable housing for lower-income families that are sturdy and reliable.

The technology of 3D printing is rapidly improving. As 3D printing becomes more available, it proves to have a positive impact in many industries.

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