A New Way to Interact with the Web?

For years people have been interacting with the web and all of the great content it provides with a mouse and keyboard. Years before that people only had a keyboard to interact with their computers. The mouse was a breakthrough in human and technology interaction and there would certainly be no Web 2.0 without one; at least, it would look much different.

Only in the past few years have touch screens been adopted widely thanks to the use of smart phones and tablets. These have made interacting with social media and other web 2.0 staples much easier than they ever have been to interact with. It’s no surprise that improving our interface with technology would grow quickly once the general populace started using the web (thanks to the ideas and principles of the web 2.0 movement).

But there is news of a recent company which got its start on Kickstarter (Thank you web 2.0!)  succeeding in creating a whole new way to interact with our computers. The company is called Leap Motion and they’ve recently announced that their flagship motion control product will be shipping to consumers for only $80 in May of this year.

Leap Motion enables people to control their computers with their hands and fingers with immense accuracy. This could change how people use the web and many other programs forever. This is the stuff of science fiction fantasy novels that people would read about when they were young and see in movies in the late 1980s and 1990s.

There’s no telling how people will integrate this with current web 2.0 platforms and systems. There certainly is room for it. At the very least, it will make communicating and using the web a lot easier and interesting than it is now with just a mouse and keyboard.

We’re looking forward to see what web 2.0 developers and social media sites do in the face of leap motion and physical interaction with our computers. We hope you are too.

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