Another Web 2.0 Giant Goes Public: Twitter’s IPO Impresses

Part of the reason the whole notion of Web 2.0 design took off in the early 2000s was because many companies involved were privately run and staffed by excellent talent. These days, a lot has changed and some of these companies are the largest tech companies in the world – large in terms of finances as well as influence.

Google’s stock is a powerhouse on Wall Street and grew rapidly after going public. Facebook had some troubles when it went public. It has taken a year for the Web 2.0 social media giant to recover its value, but things are looking up for Facebook.

Today the news is all about the highly influential internet company Twitter going public. Their IPO has been in the news for weeks, but it has finally happened, without the problems that Facebook faced.

How has Twitter faired since opening to the public? Well, according to USA Today the shares shot up to around $45 and have been holding steady for most of the first day. This is great news for companies that grew out of the Web 2.0 movement and for future of the internet. As these companies grow and are able to do more with the influx in investment, you can bet their influence on the future of the internet will continue to grow with it.

The most impactful change in the internet that came out of the Web 2.0 philosophy was social media. Wall Street and other investors have been encouraged lately that the platform (whether designed like Facebook or like Twitter) still has a very important role to play in the future, especially when it comes to advertising.

It will be a worthwhile endeavor to keep an eye on Twitter now that it is a public company. Facebook certainly changed a great deal after going public, and one can expect that we’ll see at least some changes to Twitter. Hopefully they continue to enhance the company and the experience it provides its users.

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