Apple CarPlay Continues to Improve But Is Yet to Be Affordable

Technology is progressing rapidly, with Apple and Google setting the pace for integration and usability. Both tech giants released phone-to-car integration within the last year, and they continue to improve the technology that allows drivers to safely use their phone in the car.

Apple CarPlay’s interface is displayed almost exactly like that of the iPhone, except located on your car’s dash. With touchscreen apps and integrated voice control, drivers don’t even have to pick up their phone or take their eyes off the road. Cars that feature CarPlay also have built-in steering wheel buttons to control features. Using CarPlay, drivers can:

• Control maps on their dashboard, including turn-by-turn navigation, traffic conditions, and ETAs. Incredibly, Carplay can also predict where you’re going by accessing addresses in your e-mail, texts, and contacts.

• Access their phones by using intelligent voice control. Siri can make phone calls and listen to voicemail. With upgrades to software, the new technology continues to refine voice command features across all platforms.

• Enlist Siri to listen to, translate, send, and read text messages. With 1.4 million annual crashes occurring as a result of texting and driving, this is an extraordinarily important feature for you, your passengers, and those who share the road with you.

• Request Siri to access your playlists and iTunes radio with voice command or at the touch of a button. With iOS 9 coming to the market this year, she will be able to quickly find exactly what you want.

Apple just announced this month that they would also open opportunities for automaker apps to be displayed on the interface. That means that drivers may be able to control everything within their car from the screen, from the AC to the interior lights.

Currently, the only car that is compatible with CarPlay is the Ferrari (which most of us can’t afford). But, as with all technology, as it becomes more commonplace, it becomes more affordable. It shouldn’t be long before we see affordable auto manufacturers releasing CarPlay compatible cars.


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