Austin the Next City to Get Google Fiber

In what might be surprising information to some people in the US, Americans are using drastically slower internet than much of the rest of the developed world. This not only has repercussions for simple issues like ease of use for consumers, but it also slows the US down economically. Fast connections help businesses and people work faster and it enables them to take advantage of the web’s ability to connect us with the world much more efficiently.

One company set out last year to bring the US to the forefront of fast internet: Google. Not only has Google been a large proponent and supporter of ushering in the web 2.0 movement, they are now trying to usher in a new era of internet speed.

In Kansas City, Google unveiled Google Fiber to provide 1 gigabit internet and television to residents. This is around 100 times faster than anything else on the market. Kansas City has had the service for months and it attracted a variety of internet startups and businesses to take advantage of it.

Google has now decided to bring Fiber to Austin, Texas. Austin is one of the emerging tech centers in the US outside of California. The city has been attracting entrepreneurs and young people for years and has been weathering the economic downturn very well. With Google Fiber, it will be in an even better position to be a part of the web’s upgrade.

As Americans slowly gain access to ultra-fast internet, the capabilities that we will have to utilize the communication power of the internet will only increase. HD teleconferences are just one possibility that people can look forward to. Additionally, the speed means that businesses and individuals will be able to transfer large amounts of data incredibly quickly, making remote work even more productive and possible.

We’ll also be able to stay better connected to people in old and new ways. User-generated content will be easier to upload and share with others, thus continuing and improving what the web 2.0 movement set in motion.

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