Big Data in The Courtroom – New Judge Analytics Platform Unveiled

Everyone in the tech world recognizes the value of Big Data and analytics platforms. These platforms collect and analyze data for a multitude of uses that businesses use for marketing, customer service, operations, and a variety of other applications. But more recently Big Data is beginning to be incorporated into other industries. On April 16th, the startup company Ravel Law announced the launch of their newly designed Judge Analytics software, which is designed to analyze a judge’s behavior and, hopefully, improve the justice system.

Data Analytics For Better Strategies

The software works by analyzing judges’ past cases and rulings across federal circuit courts. It will also analyze particular cases within each circuit and their legal precedents. Using these insights, the platform will be able to reveal a judge’s bias against certain cases or circuits. This is valuable information to attorneys, since this type of research was previously done through word of mouth and a slew of lawyers researching court records – meaning that only well-paid attorneys could do this extensive research on a case. This was a time consuming and expensive process, and often mistakes were discovered within the system, like incorrect sentencing or plea documentation. Attorneys will now be able to see past rulings by specific judges, and in turn can develop better strategies for their client. Because a large amount of time and research will be saved, attorneys will be able to offer better services at lower prices.

Software May Find Flaws in The Court System

Additionally, the new Judge Analytics platform may be able to find flaws and biases within the system. After all, judges are human, and though they are often looked at as the epitome of justice and truth, it is not uncommon for trials to be unfairly influenced. Judges have different beliefs and case histories, and anything from their beliefs to the timing of a trial can have an influence on the outcome. The Judge Analytics system is an important example of how Big Data can be used to improve the operations, overhead, and practices of a variety of services.

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