Bump Sharing Application Shut Down

If you’re a regular to our blog, you certainly know by now the importance of user-generated content and the ability to share that content is an essential part of the web 2.0 movement that has helped to shape the internet for the past 14 years. These two points are some of the most important reasons that the web 2.0 philosophy took off and guided the design of the internet.

Big companies like Google and Facebook rely on the ability for people to share information, content, and media to shape their entire business. Without this ability the web would be a very different place and probably be far less popular than it is today.

One application that was proving very effective and easy for its users to share any data they wanted, called Bump, was recently shut down, as announced by Google. Google bought Bump Technologies in the fall of 2013 and in a matter of just a few months they decided to shut down development and have its staff work on other internal Google products.

Bump was a well-known sharing app that made the transfer of data and content incredibly easy, mostly because it was functional across all platforms as long as each party had the app. Some people are criticizing the efforts of Google. By shutting down the service, many see Google as taking the technology and making it their own. Real web 2.0 proponents would want this tech and ability to share to be as open and usable by as many people as possible. This won’t be the case now that Bump has been shut down.

Expect to see Google release something incredibly similar to what Bump has been doing, but also expect it to be integrated into Google+, Google’s social media platform. It looks as if the web 2.0 movement is becoming more of a fight between different companies. They want to sell you their web 2.0 and they will do whatever it takes to provide the technology they think people on the web want to use.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of Google’s Bump team. In the meantime make sure you back up your data if you were a Bump user!


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