Chipotle Uses Social Media in an Interesting Way: They Faked a Hacking Attack

Everyone knows how important social media has been to the web 2.0 movement. It has helped web denizens to gain control of the web and keep it open and user-based. Can you imagine the internet without Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social media platform? These companies changed how people use the internet forever.

Of course, it didn’t take long for businesses to hop on board the web 2.0 and social media craze. These days, businesses large and small use social media to bring in new customers, interact with current ones, and to build their brands and reach very effectively. It’s a win-win situation for users, businesses, and customers.

However, having success on social media like Twitter is all about generating buzz about your account. Since the web is all about users sharing information and the holy grail of exposure is when content goes viral, companies are always primarily looking at how to generate this buzz.

Chipotle is the latest (but not the first) to do something semi-controversial in regards to how they generate their own social media buzz. This time they faked that their Twitter account was hacked. In the past, Twitter accounts getting hacked has generated a lot of internet activity, usually because the tweets become hilarious or strange and people want to share them.

A real (or fake) hacking attack breaks up the monotony that can befall many companies using web 2.0 technology. While Chipotle isn’t the first company to fake a hacking attack on their Twitter account (MTV did it earlier this year), they are certainly the latest company.

The interesting part of all of this is the fact that thanks to how fast content and information is absorbed on the internet these days, there’s almost no negative recourse for Chipotle’s actions. They were able to generate buzz, get more followers, and get a lot of press exposure. By now, about a week later, people on the web have moved on.

Who would have thought that businesses would be using some of the most important web 2.0 tech to fake hacking attempts in order to generate business back when the concept of web 2.0 was announced to the world?

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