Company Offers Investors a New Kind of Real Estate

Investment portfolios are generally stuffed with stocks, bonds, and real estate. This month, there’s a new kind of prime real estate available, but these aren’t hotels in the Bahamas; they’re Web 2.0 domains.

Cloud Income Properties Chairman Jeff Fagin says that they’ve created a revolutionary new Asset Class: pre-established websites that have a nice revenue stream. After two years of beta testing, the investing firm is rolling out a system that allows the general public to invest in domains with cash flow.

Investing in Web 2.0 is different than typical businesses because it’s entirely hands-off.  With a brick-and-mortar business you have to worry about things like longevity and ongoing capital injection. Established websites are low-upkeep and require little work, just invest and watch your capital build.

Of course, it’s not as easy as cashing a check. Purchasing a struggling website and renovating it to turn a profit still requires a little effort. A traditional real estate investment requires overhead and special permits to bring buildings up to code. With virtual real estate markets, renovations can be as easy as keyword placement of the monetization element on the site. Too often, traditional real estate investments lose money; in the virtual world, this is not a concern.

Another advantage to the virtual real estate market is that just about anyone can have a slice of the internet pie. It doesn’t take a multi-millionaire to get in on the ground floor; anyone with a modest chunk of cash can buy a piece of website real estate. Better yet, you can sell websites for several times what you paid for them.

Cloud Income Properties is a firm specializing in internet investing. We can explain this next step in portfolio business building, so that technology doesn’t leave you behind. To invest in website real estate, visit their website.

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