Computer Games are Getting Creepy: The Park Debuts in 2016

Computer games are popular across all demographics, and users are attracted to many different games. For those of us who love finding hidden objects, there is Facebook’s Pearl’s Peril. Candy Crush and Cookie Jam were designed for gamers who love solving puzzles in bright, colorful environments. What if your taste in computer games is a bit darker than most?

For users who like their computer games scary, Funcom will roll out a new game called The Park in 2016. A version of the game came out for PCs during Halloween and received negative reviews for being clichéd and circular. However, the game’s makers are confident that the frightening single-player game will catch on.

Creative director Joel Bylos describes it as a narrative, psychological horror experience. Gamers play as Lorraine, a young widowed mother who has lost her son, Callum, in an amusement park where all is not what it seems. Gamers press the right mouse button to shout Callum’s name while looking for him, and the more the mouse button is pressed, the more panicked Lorraine’s voice becomes.

As Lorraine grows more panicked, the events around her become darker and scarier. According to game designers, The Park’s focus is narrative and emotional, exploring Lorraine’s thoughts and feelings as she searches for Callum.

During the game, players find that there have been many accidents at the theme park. These are disturbing and include people being crushed by bumper cars, a Ferris wheel worker falling to his death, and the discovery of a dismembered child. According to creators, the idea behind the game is to capture the tone of a Stephen King novel.

Although some computer users are already criticizing The Park for being predictable and too much like other games already on the market, Google writers said they had fun with the twisted, H.P. Lovecraft-style story. They also recommend the survival horror game Noct for those of us who might find The Park a bit too tame.

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