Dark Side of Web Proliferation Shown with Latest UK Spy News

One of the most significant impacts of web 2.0 ideas and development is that the changes in the early 2000s encouraged user participation and set the stage to expand the internet to as many people as possible. Today the internet reaches millions more than people thought it could a decade ago.

There are a great number of positive points about the fact that more and more people are gaining access to the global internet community. Easier and cheaper access to information and easy communication are two of the no-brainers. But there is a dark side to the proliferation of technology and web access.

If you’ve been following the leaks and information releases from the whistleblower Edward Snowden, you know that the NSA has been tracking a great deal of the information and communications that people around the world send and receive every day. This revelation has sparked a large privacy movement and is even affecting policy on digital espionage.

The extent to which spy agencies have access to our devices through the beloved internet is massive. Some people say they have nothing to hide, while others say it is a human rights’ violation to be snooping the way these agencies do.

One of the latest revelations from the BBC is that “British spy agency GCHQ intercepted webcam images from millions of Yahoo users around the world.” In fact, the NSA was supposedly involved in this as well. This is likely going to spark outrage and concern in other parts of the globe. It also might make people worried about having a webcam on their computer at all.

As the world continues to adopt technology giving them access to the web at all times, these privacy issues must be addressed. For the web to continue to be an open and safe platform for its users as those who envisioned web 2.0 had hoped for, some sort of compromise needs to be reached. Don’t expect this and other related stories to disappear until that time.

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