Did Google Just Upgrade to Web 2.5?

Technologists and web enthusiasts have been riding along with the Web 2.0 movement for over a decade. Having spread throughout the web, many people are very familiar with the ideas and philosophy behind this concept, even if they don’t know that it came from the web 2.0 idea set.

Google has always been an important driver for an internet guided by web 2.0 principles. They’ve done more for the internet than many companies and they continue to push boundaries and improve capabilities for users, businesses, and the internet in general.

With that reputation intact, Google recently made a lot of news that some could argue bring it into a whole new level of interaction with consumers. They’ve made upgrades to all of their most important services that they provide to their users.

Google appears to be taking web 2.0 concepts of the user-centered internet to a whole new level. They redesigned their Google+ social media page to handle photos better and make user navigation much more fluid and easy. It now looks and functions a lot more similarly to very popular social media sites, like Facebook and Pinterest, which have proven to be great designs for users.

Google Maps, something that millions of users use every day to find where they need to go, has seen a huge upgrade as well. The service combined Google Earth and Street View to make a much more friendly user interface that provides more human and relatable results.

Google is also pushing technology and the web into classrooms, making it easier than ever before for teachers to purchase programs and apps that they can share with students. Google’s web browser, Chrome, also got a variety of upgrades, including voice activation, and Google is delving into streaming music services now as well.

There’s a lot going on at Google. They are pushing what people can expect from the web to the limits and making it a better place for users across the globe.

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