Facebook Adopts Old Web 2.0 Feature: The Hashtag

When technologists and internet historians (yes, that is a thing) look back on web 2.0, social media will be one of the primary developments that came out of that philosophy. Social media has completely changed how people communicate on the internet and off. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter reach hundreds of millions of people every day and allow them to reach millions more.

A few years ago, Twitter implemented the hashtag to make following stories, people, events, and activities easy to do in real time. Using hashtags gave users a great deal of control over what they monitored and also let them participate in conversation with millions of people about the same topic.

Since then hashtags have become integral to the way Twitter works. People use them freely and now companies use them to market their brand and their products on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not every social media platform uses hashtags, although that is slowly changing.

Recently, Facebook, the biggest social media platform to come out of the web 2.0 era, has announced that hashtags are coming to their service. This is a big change for Facebook, as it has always been very difficult to follow massive topics on the site, regardless of how many friends or likes you have.

Hashtags on Facebook will bring to the platform some of the flexibility, speed, and big-picture capability that fans of Twitter love. The hashtags certainly won’t make Facebook a replacement for Twitter, but it’s going to add another layer of communication to Facebook that will bring users closer together and give them a reason to spend more time on the site.

This is a great development for people who want to see more and more people communicating on the internet. It’s also a great development for users of Twitter and Facebook. It’s going to be easier than ever to keep track of the things that matter to users in a speedy and efficient manner.

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