Is Facebook Moving from Web 2.0 to Mobile 2.0?

Since its inception in the early 2000s, Facebook has been an internet pioneer. Their social networking platform was instrumental in the web 2.0 movement that changed how the internet would evolve forever.

However, when Facebook went public last year, the company seemed to be lost in determining where it wanted to go next. A few months of disappointing earnings and the never-ending pressure from Wall Street to demonstrate value and profits even led some critics to say Facebook was near its end.

Then came Facebook’s pivot. The company began to ramp up its efforts on the mobile experience. Now it looks like Facebook may be focusing even more on mobile given the latest news this week.

USA Today reports that Facebook “reported first-quarter earnings of $885 million on revenue of $2.5 billion.” These are great numbers for the web 2.0 business, but the real kicker is the fact that almost 60% of the ad sales were from users’ mobile devices. That’s a huge number that has been growing over the year and a trend looks to continue.

Over a billion users of the site have accessed Facebook through mobile. These numbers and trends show a definite change in Facebook’s priorities. The company may no longer be putting the bulk of its efforts into the traditional web, but rather focusing on the mobile experience. The money and the users are definitely there.

As Facebook recognized the value of mobile ads, critics wondered whether advertising on mobile platforms would be a huge turn-off for users. Facebook has tread this ground softly and implemented its ads gradually. Had it not done so, there’s a chance they could have sabotaged their efforts. It looks like this won’t be much of a problem at all moving forward for Facebook’s mobile focus. Even the recent addition of video ads has not angered users.

It will be interesting to watch how Facebook evolves. Will the web 2.0 giant put all of its efforts into mobile? Will the traditional web presence remain important to users?

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