Foodies Have Invaded the Web and It’s Great for Everyone

Pictures of delicious looking meals have been a staple of social media since the invention of the camera phone. One thing that everybody can agree on is that good food is something that we all want to share. Whether it’s an amazing homemade meal or fine dining at a 5-star restaurant, a good meal can be the highlight of the day.

The term Foodie is tossed around a lot these days, as food culture has become trendy. A Foodie is described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a person with an avid interest in food.” They’re people who do more than eat to live, they live to eat and they love to share their passion with the world around them.

If you fit into this category, there are a host of food apps available for all your Foodie needs. Whether you’re a culinary whiz in the kitchen or you love to discover the best dining experiences eating out, there’s an app for you.

For the budding epicurean, a cookbook just might not be enough to help you complete an in-home gourmet experience. An app like Epicurious and Week Menu make cooking a memorable meal at home easier by helping you find recipes, create meal plans, and even make grocery lists. But if simply making delicious food isn’t enough for you, there are apps created specifically for sharing your food enjoyment with like-minded individuals. Cookpad and FoodGawker are basically social media for Foodies.

If you love food but don’t love making it, there are apps to help you find the best places to eat locally or abroad. Looking for the tastiest restaurants in your area and making reservations is a snap with apps like OpenTable, Veg-Out, and LocalEats. If you’re a world traveler, an app like Tastemade is a great tool to be able to find restaurants and discover the best that the culinary world has to offer.

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