Google Adding More Web 2.0 Features

In the world of tech, Google has always been an innovator and a company that pushes innovation. They were one of the first adopters and promoters of the Web 2.0 movement years ago. Since then they have certainly done their part to create a real Web 2.0 environment on the internet.

The web has never before been as interactive and user-based as it is today. Recently, Google has added a bunch of features that just scream Web 2.0 when you hear about them.

The latest feature is called JAM with Chrome. JAM with Chrome is a web application that “enables friends in different locations to play music together” using the Chrome browser. It’s a pretty impressive display of technology and user-engagement. Plus it’s just flat-out cool. Now you can jam with your friends from anywhere there’s an internet connection and a Chrome browser.

The Google Cultural Institute has been around for two years and has been adding more and more content each day. They’ve recently created an online exhibit for the fall of the Iron Curtain. This interactive, audio and visual exhibition is so good it’s almost like being in a museum yourself. You’ll see the quality the moment you visit.

A feature that Google released at the end of October is one that really showcases the power of Web 2.0. We’ve written about how the concepts of Web 2.0 like social media and user interaction are being used for disaster relief. Google decided to apply its data and tech savvy to start adding AMBER alerts in their search and maps applications. This is a great way to bring attention to missing children all over the country and the world. Hopefully it starts helping to find them too.

It’s good to see that Google continues to push the limits of what the internet can do for us. We always look forward to the next program, application, or invention that Google brings us!

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