Google Drops Half a Billion on Satellite Company

One of the most influential web 2.0 tech companies in the world has just made quite the purchase. News broke this week about Google’s purchase of a company called Skybox for $500 million dollars. This purchase comes on the heels of some other high-value purchases.

In this year alone, Google purchased a number of companies and startups for a variety of strategic reasons. Google bought home internet company Nest Labs, security company Impermium, AI company DeepMind Technologies, an aerospace company, and a number of other businesses. Skybox is the tech giant’s latest acquisition, and the purchase hints at the direction Google wants to go in with its services.

It certainly seems that Google is planning on using Skybox to improve its mapping services, thanks to the much cheaper satellite alternatives utilized by Skybox. However, some experts see the purchase as part of Google’s longer-term goal of gaining a foothold in space.

Google already runs Project Loon, which uses balloons to provide internet access to various hard-to-reach places around the globe. Their purchase of Titan Aerospace gave them a foothold in the rapidly evolving and fast-growing drone market. There’s no telling what Google could do with the incredibly detailed data gathering that they will have access to via Skybox.

Google has always been at the forefront of numerous technology developments and improvements on the web. With highly detailed and frequently captured images from space thanks to the satellites in Skybox’s arsenal, Google has the opportunity to eventually turn what’s happening around the globe into real-time (or close to real-time) data that consumers and businesses will be able to tap into.

As with many of its recent purchases, Google’s acquisition of Skybox will probably not show any tangible results very soon. However, expect to see the purchase of Skybox and other similar companies to be vital to Google’s strategy in the coming years.

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