Google Unveils Changes, Plans for Future at Google I/O

Web 2.0 practices infiltrated and influenced the development of the web around the same time that Google began its hypersonic growth. Since then the company has developed into one of the most important tech companies in the US, and possibly the world. Google played a role in helping the web become more social as well as bringing the web into our hands with its Android operating system for smart phones and tablets.

At the latest Google I/O, the company showed where it will continue to focus its energies for moving tech and the web forward. Google demonstrated a number of improvements and plans in its forays into television, automobiles, wearable computing (including fitness gear), and its Android operating system.

The changes and improvements are all about connecting numerous aspects of our life to the web. These changes have been a long time coming, but are finally becoming realities for people in their everyday lives. Social, personal and commercial data continues to grow in importance. Every year it seems we’re one step closer to interacting with technology and with other people in a revolutionary way.

Google isn’t only focusing on individual, social users of the web. They’re also looking at corporations and businesses in hopes of bringing greater connectedness for the private sector. They’re going after enterprise giant Microsoft with their Google Drive 2.0 and their latest updates to GoogleDrive. In the latest bits of info to flow from Google I/O it’s obvious that big data analytics and cloud services are where Google wants to focus to capture more of the market.

Expect to see a lot of experts and pundits commenting on the information and updates out from Google I/O this year. Google plays a huge role in shaping how the web develops, how individuals interact with the web (both personally and socially) and how the internet will permeate our lives by creating an “internet of things.” Whether the company stays true to the Web 2.0 principles they’ve explored to shape the web or moves in a new direction, Google will certainly be at the forefront.

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