Is Google’s Purchase of Nest the Sign of a New Internet?

If you pay any attention to the tech world, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the news about a recent hefty purchase made by Google. On January 13th, Google announced to the world that it had clinched a deal to purchase a company called Nest Labs for a pricey $3.2 billion. That’s a lot of money, so why is Google willing to spend so much on one company?

Nest Labs makes a variety of “smart-devices” or “smart-products” that bring the Internet into places where traditionally it has never had an influence. For example, Nest makes a thermostat that can be controlled via the Internet as well as provide information about your home remotely

Google is paying top dollar for Nest because of the potential the company has. Its staff is made up of people who have spent time at companies like Apple and Logitech. They have a lot of experience in design and both of Nest’s current products are top-of-the line when it comes to integrated electronics. Google is obviously hoping to combine its expertise with Nest’s.

It looks as if Google has seen the potential that Nest has to create tech solutions to our every day problems and concerns.

Google’s purchase of Nest also gives it a firm foothold into the business of home connectivity. There’s also a chance that integrating home connectivity products with Google’s systems gives them even more data about users, data that Google relies on for highly targeted and effective advertising.

We might not be accessing our favorite web 2.0 platforms or social media via our house itself, but that could be where things are headed in the future. For now, we’ll have to stick to the gadgets we love to access the web and control our home. However, the future will certainly be interesting, so keep an eye on what Google does with Nest!


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