Happy Birthday Zuckerberg: Owner of Facebook’s 30th Birthday and the Future of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the few humans on the planet who can say they’ve created a way for a billion (and more) people to interact. What began as an idea and a project during his time at Harvard turned into Facebook, a vital part of the Web 2.0 movement and beyond. This week, the owner and CEO of Facebook turned 30.

Zuckerberg is currently ranked 26th in the world for wealth. At 30 years old, he’s still the youngest of the richest 150 people. In honor of his birthday, one writer, Ekaterina Walter, at Forbes examined Zuckerberg’s role in Facebook and the future of the company itself with Mark at the head.

Even though Zuckerberg is out of his twenty-something’s, there’s no reason to expect him to do anything differently. As the head of Facebook, Zuckerberg has always taken risks, some which have paid off, some which have been ridiculed, and some which have been flat out failures. Few people in the tech industry have the guts to take the risks or have the broad vision that Mark does.

A part of Mark’s broad vision is his Internet.org project. Many ideas like this seem to be great when they’re announced, but they lose steam quickly. However, it appears Zuckerberg has been able to bring some big brands into the fold to embrace Internet.org’s mission of bringing the web to the two-thirds of the planet still not connected.

For Facebook, Zuckerberg has other ideas. Ekaterina explains an important part about the future of Facebook and possibly the future of the web. Mobile is going to be a huge focus for the world’s largest social network. Linked to this is the fact that the development of Facebook is leaning towards becoming “an app launch platform.”

The next 5, 10, and even 15 years of Facebook are sure to bring many changes. Just ten years ago the Web 2.0 darling opened its doors to universities and colleges other than Harvard. Now there are 1.2 billion people using the service.

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