Instagram Continues to Benefit Businesses in a Big Way

Social media truly changed the way people, across all industries, do business, and Instagram is an exceptional tool for any company that benefits from visuals. Perhaps one industry that benefits the most is food service and restaurants. We all have those friends that post way too many pictures of what they eat for dinner every night. Imagine what Instagram does for professional chefs!

Before visual social media sites existed and powerful cameras were housed in our phones, the only way chefs could reach food fame was through critic reviews, daily specials, and slaving away over a hot stove. Well, they’re still slaving away, but now they are more interconnected than ever and are able to show off their skills to millions of people without having to leave the comfort of their restaurant.

Currently, #food and #foodporn are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Professional chefs can communicate with fans and new customers, inspire each other, and have their masterpieces exposed to the world. For some, this is worrying, but for most, it’s a much-needed injection into a larger market of food-obsessed fans. Now, instead of creating beautiful and delicious food in the hopes that someone will try the special, chefs use Instagram to instantly share their ideas with the world. Instagram is a trend-setting social media app. After all, how many fashion trends started with one single fashion blogger?

As more and more entrepreneurs voice their love for Instagram and its ability to get your brand name into the global market, we should expect more changes to come down the line to make it even more useful to businesses. We already know that Instagram is vital for those in the fashion, food, and fitness industry, and Instagram Business already gives business owners a streamlined environment to promote their brand. It will be exciting to see what new changes are around the corner and how Instagram will continue to grow as a popular marketing tool.


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