Koozoo Is an Interesting and New Web 2.0 Platform

When people think of web 2.0, their thoughts often go to social media like Facebook and some other user-generated content portals like Instagram. Over the last few years, there are many platforms on the web that have caught on to the web2.0 concepts. For some people who have been following the development of web 2.0, it sometimes feels like jaw-dropping web ideas have slowed down. That’s not true, though!

At the end of February, Koozoo launched, and the company has developed a very interesting idea with “share your view” as their driving idea. What does that mean, exactly? Koozoo has taken a very interesting idea and developed it into “a user-generated, 24/7 streaming video network.” It’s basically a free way to see what’s going on around your area, in video.

Right now, it’s only available in Austin, Texas, and the Bay Area in California. The company knows where it wants to focus as well. Koozoo is for public places only, and any private or inappropriate content will be kept out of the app.

If it takes off throughout the US (and then likely internationally), Koozoo could quickly become a live-action way to see what’s going on anywhere in the world. The idea isn’t exactly that crazy either; the dashcams on Russian cars, which captured the recent meteor strike, filled YouTube with videos of the event from all over the country. Imagine being able to access those cameras and see what’s going on without waiting for people to upload and create videos on current video sites.

Koozoo is a welcome and interesting idea to the web. The company rose over $2 million dollars in seed funding last year, and apparently this has paid off. Expect the company to continue to test and improve their app in its two working locations for some time. There’s still a lot for the company to tweak, but here’s to hoping that Koozoo takes off, and we get a new video platform that brings internet users together.

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