Last Edition of Newsweek on Stands as Web Takes Over

With the web’s popularity increasing every year, print media has fought a long and hard struggle to stay alive. Sure, we will always have print media in our lives. There’s something special about holding a magazine or a book that people will never want to remove completely. But the days of print being everywhere are over.

We were reminded of that fact a few months ago when Newsweek announced it would go completely digital. The news magazine will no longer create a print issue and has instead embraced the web and attempted to function within it. The last print issue of Newsweek went on stands a few days before the New Year.

In recognition of its embrace of the internet, Newsweek has placed a #LASTPRINTISSUE on the cover in a well-made artistic and symbolic design. The hashtag symbol is an iconic web 2.0 image born out of Twitter and social media. It’s certainly a fitting way to recognize the transition from old to new media. The black and white background photo pays homage to days long gone thanks to the advance of technology, and it’s certainly a nice additional touch.

The ideologies and concepts behind the Web 2.0 movement that began over 10 years ago certainly have played a role in print’s slow demise. It’s hard for a print publication to match the interactivity, ease of use, and wealth of knowledge the internet has. People can create their own media and information much easier online than has ever been possible through print. The web simply attracts more people and is easier for consumers to, well, consume.

Newsweek had been printing issues for almost 80 years and eventually had to make the decision to switch to an internet-only business plan due to a slowdown in advertising sales, which many newspapers and magazines are facing these days.

Look for Newsweek Global to appear online in 2013. The company has embraced web tech and the magazine will be available in mobile, tablet, and PC format covering the entire global.


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