LinkedIn Purchases On Its Journey To Become A Career Advancement Portal

Linkedin has recently bought in a $1.5 billion deal. The CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, has long had high hopes for his site to provide people with ways to hone their skills, connect with opportunities, and communicate with the right people. With the recent acquisition, that is precisely what LinkedIn is ready to do.

LinkedIn has been making great strides in its journey to become the one-stop-shop for career advancement. In February of last year, the company announced improvements to its publishing capabilities. At first, LinkedIn invited over 25,000 members to publish pieces to the website. In addition to the posts that were seen from experts in their field, the new publishing aspect of LinkedIn allowed invites to post pieces relevant to their knowledge. Though there are differences in how far the published pieces spread, the goal was to create an environment where individuals could publicly display their skills and knowledge.

For its second act, LinkedIn integrated an intelligent forecasting tool that allowed users to see where their career future is headed. The “Professionals Like You” feature analyzes data within a user’s profile, and then compares it to others within the same skill set. It then lets users see these other profiles who have similar jobs and skills, from which users are able to see current and alternate career paths that others have taken. Branching off from its pre-existing Similar Profiles algorithm, “Professionals Like You” gives users a big-picture view of their working lives, and matches their specific skill sets with job opportunities.

LinkedIn’s recent purchase of even furthers opportunities for job seekers. LinkedIn will now function as a full-service portal for advancement in the working world. is already well known for its plethora of online courses taught by industry professionals. Technical, business, and online media skills are taught by experts in the field to assist jobseekers in securing the necessary skills for a position. Being a member of LinkedIn will tell users exactly what those skills are. Job seekers will now have the ability to see career paths, identify necessary skills, acquire those skills, and then connect with appropriate industry professionals.


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