Microsoft Rumored To Be Releasing New Browser

Rumors of Microsoft’s new browser are beginning to circulate, and people are looking forward to the possible announcement of its new features. The browser would provide a refreshing change to the company’s Internet Explorer, which has long been looked down upon for its propensity for crashing and significant lack of substantial updates.

Project Spartan is the name of the new browser, which is expected to be released as the designated browser along with Windows 10. The browser comes packed with an array of new features, built on a framework of a new rendering engine. One of the new features includes inking support, which lets users tabulate web pages, make notes, and sync notes to OneDrive for sharing and collaboration. Notes can be taken using a stylus in combination with Microsoft surface, or comments can be added by clicking anywhere on a page.

Second on the list of exciting features is a new web reading mode, which streamlines pages by cutting out excess clutter and presents the page more like the style of reading a book. This feature has been long standing with Mac’s browser Safari, and is highly anticipated by PC users. Additionally, users will be able to create a reading list that syncs across all other devices.

Lastly, Microsoft Cortana will be fully integrated with the new browser. Cortana is a personal assistant software similar to Siri, and is capable of setting schedules, answering questions, conducting searches, and providing reviews and directions. Within the new browser, Cortana will be integrated to assist the user. For example, if a user is on a company’s web page, Cortana will supply directions, reviews, and contact info. If the user is on a restaurant or airline page, reservations for tables and flights will pop up on screen as well. Cortana also utilizes an internal “notebook,” which stores the users search behaviors for easy retrieval. By cataloguing the users’ interests, locations, and contacts, Cortana is able to make intelligent suggestions. Users can add to or delete data for further control of the assistant.

After years of waiting for Microsoft to catch up with its browser features, Project Spartan is a much anticipated (and needed) improvement.



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