NCAA at Odds with Social Media?

Out of the web 2.0 philosophy came the social media platforms that we rely on today to communicate and interact with others. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter permeate the online experience and help users create the web that they want to participate in.

In some ways, Twitter has become the pulse of the internet. Businesses and corporations, celebrities and politicians all have and utilize Twitter. Social media has permeated all aspects of society, including sports. But it seems to have caused some problems (as it can in all areas of society) in the sports realm, specifically in college sports.

According to a recent article by Jeff Wallace on, the NCAA looks to be banning hashtags (#) and Twitter handles on the field or on the players. It looks like the NCAA is trying to protect sports from the easy advertising that hashtags and Twitter handles create. The specific rules are available here.

Of course, advertisers utilizing social media are likely upset with the move, others may wonder whether this is an infringement on the freedoms people assume they have on the internet. Of course, the NCAA has every right to make these rules, and many will say it’s good for the sport, but there could be repercussions for the choices to ban certain aspects of social media on the field and on equipment.

Cutting off college football from the world of social media could hurt the game, but it is important to keep advertising limited in non-professional sports. It’s certainly a tough choice by the NCAA.

In the future, more and more people will continue to adopt social media. They want to use it share their lives and interesting content with others. Sports are a big role in many people’s lives. Perhaps in the future this ruling will change, or maybe the NCAA will stay firm. Only time will tell.

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