New Book ‘Status Update’ Looks at Current State of Web 2.0

Believe it or not, but the term Web 2.0 was coined all the way back in 1999. That means next year the idea will hit 15 years in the minds of internet denizens around the world. However, for many people online, the notion that a concept thought up in 1999 guided the creation of the web as they know it is missed.

Others that know of Web 2.0’s influence often forget about the concept and continue enjoying the results that it brought to the web. Every now and then it’s important to take a look at where Web 2.0 has taken us and how the concept holds up today. That’s exactly what Alice E. Marwick has done in her new book, Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, & Branding in the Social Media Age.

The book makes no secret about what it aims to do. It really is an update on the status of Web 2.0 and where it has taken the internet. She mentions that by this current decade, the term “Web 2.0″ quickly “became passé.” Furthermore, she mentions a more serious problem. Based on her research, she found that all of the Web 2.0 developments like social media, “self-branding,” streaming, and “micro-celebrity” have created a system that “reinforces social stratification and inequities based on class, gender, and race.”

This isn’t exactly what many proponents of Web 2.0 would want to hear, but it’s important that Alice’s work be read by tech and web enthusiasts. There is still hope in Web 2.0, as the technology it created has connected the world more closely than ever in the history of humanity. However, her book reminds us that how we utilize this connectivity and who is pulling the strings behind the scenes are two points people on the web need to be constantly vigilant and reminded about.

With that in mind, maybe you’ll look at how you interact with social media and other web 2.0 darlings in the future. It looks like Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, & Branding in the Social Media Age is a worthwhile read, especially if you’re interested in the future of the web. It’s sure to broaden your perspective.

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