Is There a New Broadcast Movement Coming?

Keeping an eye on developments in tech is a tough job. Even more difficult a job is trying to figure out where tech is going and how people will interact with it in the future. The proponents of the Web 2.0 demonstrated a great deal of foresight in their discussions and predications of how the web would develop over the last decade or so. Now it appears a similar change is occurring in the tech world, and it has been deemed Broadcast 2.0 by some.

Over at The Next Web, Ernesto Schmitt has written an interesting article about an imminent TV renaissance of the likes people haven’t seen in 50 years. What exactly is he talking about?

In the coming years, Schmitt sees a lot of change coming to the way people consume television media. What’s the reason for all of these updates? The internet and ever-increasing offerings from tech giants like Amazon and Google. Large cable providers and their reliance on branded channels is on the way out as consumers used to the on-demand nature of the web want the same for their television experience.

However, that’s not to say television hasn’t been adapting over the years. The rise of “event TV” and shows based on that model have been entertaining people in a live setting for years. What could be coming in the next few years is “social television,” where our connectivity through mobile devices and tablets allows people to interact with the television content they used to simply consume, just like how Web 1.0 worked.

Schmitt sees the next 5 years as essential for the changes coming to TV. As the large networks and providers realize there is a huge opportunity in accessing viewers on the small screen (their phones, tablets, and other devices) as well as the traditional large screen, expect to see a more interactive television experience develop.

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