Not enough Businesses Adopting Web 2.0 Ideas

There’s an interesting article out in the Columbia Star that asks the question “Are businesses operating in social media denial?” This might be the case.

It’s unfortunate if it’s true, because the Web 2.0 revolution that has been around us for the past 10 years or more is obvious to anyone on the net. Everything has become linked together; social media, interactive websites, and user-generated content drive the internet right now. It looks to continue this way for years to come as well.

So why, according to the Columbia Star, do “72 percent of businesses [not] have a clear strategy … for social media activities” when “60 percent of Americans” use “some form of social media?” That’s a perplexing question for anyone.

Perhaps it’s because a lot of the marketing and ways of interacting with Web 2.0 technology is relatively unknown to a large number of businesses. Plus, it’s very hard to gather enough concrete information about the effects of social media to make it seem worthwhile for many businesses.

The problem with that thinking, is that it implies businesses think that social media and other Web 2.0-based platforms are expensive undertakings. They really aren’t. Having a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account doesn’t take more than a few minutes to a few hours every day to manage. The availability and access these provide combined with a strong company website  make Web 2.0 an invaluable asset for any business.

As we become increasingly more connected, it’s going to be important for businesses to get into social media and the web. Many have already jumped head-first into the web and are reaping benefits from their efforts. It’s a wonderful tool for branding, which is a vital marketing strategy.

It’s likely that businesses will adopt social media as time goes on. With more and more people interacting online, it’s inevitable that they’ll make the switch over to new ways of doing business and connecting with customers. Consumers are going to demand it and businesses have to respond.

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