Notes From CES 2015

With the commencement of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 1967, the tech and electronics world changed significantly. With each subsequent year, the show’s technological exhibits have seen dramatic improvements. CES used to include displays of enormous beige desktop PCs and gigantic floor speakers. Those days are clearly gone, with current smartphones a fraction of the size, and exponentially more efficient and versatile than those old PCs.

CES is where science fiction meets reality. This is the premier event for the world’s technophiles. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, its nearly two miles of floor space is packed with the coolest new gear that has yet to be released, giving visitors plenty of reason to be excited about the year to come. The summit features the latest gizmos and gadgets, from robots and drones, to digital home electronics and smart wearables.

A favorite standout at this year’s conference was the Naim Audio Mu-so, one of the best wireless speakers an audiophile will ever listen to. The Mu-so includes six speakers and 450 watts of amplification. It features every connection option possible and has an incredible dial that is hard to keep your hands off of.  It’s smooth, sleek and feels delightful and deserves an A+ all around.

This year we also saw powerful smartwatches like Withings Activité Pop. This watch looks traditional at first glance, but at $149 the vibrant timepiece has cutting edge high tech options cleverly hidden behind its face. Interestingly enough, there was no Apple Watch to be found at the conference. In fact, Apple never attends CES. Sony, however, introduced a chic stainless steel version of the SmartWatch 3.

Aside from smartwatches and other unique wearable gear like a smart-belt, other highlights included self-driving cars, smart ovens and innovative security cameras. Much of this exciting technology will become more widely available to consumers over the coming years.

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