Now Web 2.0 Tech More than Mainstream

When it was first proposed in 1999 by Darcy DiNucci, the whole notion of the Web 2.0 was lost on most people. Only visionaries and technology enthusiasts realized the potential of the shift in how people view and use the internet.

Fast-forward to 2013 and we have an internet that is built entirely on the ideas of the web 2.0 movement. User interaction, customization, user-generated content, and social media are the primary uses for the internet. But web 2.0 ideas have finally seeped into businesses large and small, and the belief in the new way of using the web is more than mainstream.

Social media and its rapid adoption by hundreds of millions of people solidified the shift to web 2.0 ideas. Now businesses are using social media to reach customers on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. The opportunities available to businesses and public service providers to communicate with their customers and the people they should be communicating with are almost unlimited.

It is also easier than ever for businesses to track the results of campaigns or products through web 2.0 tech and platforms. Businesses that serve customers have an amazing outlet for solving customer service complaints and problems in a public way, which not only solves the problem but looks excellent for the company. There have been countless examples of this on the web in the past few years.

Perhaps this widespread adoption of web 2.0 tech by businesses from all industries will ease the transition into the next big thing on the internet. People and businesses have learned that new technology or perspectives simply need to be adopted for everyone to see if they can be successful. Once they are, millions more follow.

At the very least, social media and other web 2.0-based tech have been making businesses and corporations more responsive to their customers’ needs and, in turn, customers get better service and products for their feedback.

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