Out with the Old, In with the New – Today’s Trends in Web Design

With so many different designers in so many different industries attempting to attract web users, web design is a constantly changing field. As in all design and tech oriented fields, trends come and go. Certain trends are now falling by the wayside to make room for new styles of web design.

SEO copywriting has been a big part of web design for years. All kinds of companies have used SEO copywriting in promotion and design, as well as to enhance their Internet reputation. However, Google has created increasingly intricate algorithms, making it more and more difficult for SEO copywriting to keep up. Under the new guidelines, some sites are being penalized for their use of SEO copywriting.

Replacing SEO copywriting is user-focused content informed by keywords. Copywriting and content writing are by no means out; however, SEO-focused writing simply doesn’t work the way it used to.

Another trend we are waving goodbye to is the traditional site model of web design. In the United States, 55% of Internet usage comes through mobile devices. Therefore, it is now desktop sites that are being modernized in favor of designs that work best on mobile. With mobile devices coming as large as iPads and as small as the Nokia Lumia 620, one of the most important considerations in web design today is making sites viewable at variable sizes. This design strategy is called “responsive design,” because the site must respond to the size of the device it is being viewed on.

Another trend coming into stride today is the favoring of video over text. With video sharing sites like YouTube allowing people to track how many views their video receives, using video can be an effective way to gauge one’s marketing strategy and plan content for the web. While some claim video isn’t ideal for home pages because of the slow loading time (a concern especially when it comes to mobile devices), video is becoming a more and more popular way to share information and content. Video is easier to share than ever in the age of social media.

Web design is an ever-changing field. Keeping up with trends in design can lead to a successful internet presence.


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