Could Pinterest Play Matchmaker?

Pinterest is still in its infancy compared to social networking big guns like Facebook and Twitter, but the company has a lot of potential when it comes to how they can capitalize on making a niche for Pinterest users. Traditionally, Pinterest appeals to females when it comes to the pin board site’s arts and crafts nature. But if the company were to add dating as an option, could it drive more traffic to its site?

When searching Pinterest, tons of dating sites show up, such as and eHarmony. Pinterest users can pin their dating profiles from some sites or make their profile public if someone is looking for them by name. Presently, the site doesn’t have features specific to dating, but would it be a hit to post galleries with photos of available singles?

Earlier this year, the company got in some hot water with its single female users when it sent out a blanket email stating the recipient’s name and the headline “You’re Getting Married!” The email was sent to invite pinners to look over stationary and other special collections geared toward brides-to-be. Pinterest was quoted by ABC News as saying, “We’re sorry we came off like an overbearing mother who’s always asking when you’ll settle down with a nice boy or girl.” Due to the number of singles who were offended by the message, maybe Pinterest could have seized the opportunity by following up with a promotion for a dating site?

One dating site that launched earlier this year called itself the “Pinterest of Dating.” Dreamcliq creator Melissa Jones thought inspiring photos would be better bait for attracting a potential mate than being forced to write a bio and post one picture online. Dreamcliq, which uses the tagline “see who you cliq with,” is a platform where users put together any types of photos that they like to best illustrate who they are and what their interests are. Will Pinterest eventually evolve into more than artsy pin boards and a community that shares likes? The potential is there, but it’s still too soon to say what’s in Pinterest’s future.


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