Release of Commando Web 2.0 for SEO Optimization

Internet marketing guru Anthony Hayes released the much anticipated Commando Web 2.0 in September of 2014. Commando is a new SEO or search engine optimization tool that Hayes is calling “the best thing” he has developed in posting software. Web 2.0 Commando is a bulk Web 2.0 tool for posting and creating accounts on the internet.

Industry experts are calling Commando an SEO optimization tool that produces fully optimized posts on the internet. One of Commando’s unique features is an option to add tags automatically for videos and other graphics on postings.

Hayes, who is the owner of Commando SEO, talked about his new tool recently in a Google Plus Hangout and was quoted by Newswire.Net as saying, “My first attempt at any kind of software was around 2 years ago when I launched my first product. It was and still is a very powerful tool. At the time it was generating page one rankings for hundreds of keywords, but I haven’t used the plugin at all in the last year and a half.” Hayes went on to explain he wasn’t satisfied with the tool and worked hard to make it even more powerful and efficient.

Some key features of Web 2.0 Commando include:

  • Users can post on numerous pages with unlimited accounts from the same sites.
  • Accounts that are random can be used each time.
  • Anchor text automatically varies.
  • Tags are optimized, such as H tags.
  • Alt tags are optimized as well and inserted automatically.
  • Each post uses video and graphics that are randomized.
  • A tiered linking technique is used for posting.

Hayes further explained, when discussing his invention on Google Plus Hangout, that there is no other software that has the same crucial features as Web 2.0 Commando, and he feels positive this will make his product the top SEO posting tool in today’s market.


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