Siri Could Transcribe Voicemails in the Near Future

Having to go back in your message over and over again to get all the pertinent details about your next lunch engagement can be a hassle. Apple came up with a solution. Among Siri’s many gifts, she may soon be able to send you your voicemails in text form. You may never have to step out of a meeting or appointment to check for that important voicemail again.

The services will likely be available in the release of iOS 10 in 2016. Apple’s solution provides the best of both worlds to smartphone users. Many people don’t mind leaving a voicemail; they find it to be a necessary personal touch and often faster than typing. However, they may not enjoy receiving one. Scanning through a message may be much faster and more convenient for both older and younger users.

In the upgrade, Siri will be able to answer your calls for you and then transcribe the interaction for you to read. While many users are excited about the possibilities for this new addition, others think it may be more pomp and circumstance than a value proposition. Other upgrades in the near future may be more helpful to current Apple users.

iOS 9 Upgrades to Expect
Other aspects of the Siri program will be upgraded during the iOS 9 release in fall 2015 (rumored), but the new transcribing service may not be available until 2016. The new features of the system will be more adept at searching in applications, predicting your usage behaviors, and updating Siri’s functionality.

The company is focusing on proactive behaviors and intelligence in the upgrade. As part of usage prediction, the new OS may open apps before you need them and offer recommendations on places users have exhibited interest in. Some of the built-in apps, like notes, will also be upgraded to include better productivity features like checklists and sketching capabilities.

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