Tech Giants Team Up to Create Next Gen Video Format

The technology industry’s most powerful software makers, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, Cisco, and Intel Corporation, have banded together to create the Alliance for Open Media, a group committed to creating open source and royalty-free video technology.

Companies like Amazon and Netflix pay by the millions for licensed codecs, which allow us to stream digital media on our devices.  The alliance is partly driven by costly royalty demands from HVEC Advance, who is producing codecs that require half the current required bandwidth to stream 4K video.

“Customer expectations for media delivery continue to grow and fulfilling their expectations requires the concerted energy of the entire ecosystem,” said Executive Director Dave Frost in a press release. “The Alliance for Open Media brings together the leading experts in the entire video stack to work together in pursuit of open, royalty-free and interoperable solutions for the next generation of video delivery.”

So what does this mean for consumers of digital media?

More Stable Pricing

If digital media giants were forced to pay royalties on HVEC Advance’s new tech, the cost would inevitably trickle down to the consumer. Under this new alliance, consumers will have access to open source tech-made through collaboration between the leading experts in the field.

Faster Digital Streaming

Current media streaming can still be a little clunky when running multiple devices or when attempting to stream things with little buffer, like live sporting events. Under the alliance, consumers will have access to streaming with a low computational footprint and that can be used for user generated content.

Open source video technology is already changing the way we use the web. The Alliance for Open Media is making that possible. A venture of the Joint Development Foundation, this alliance is an independent non-profit, committed to providing infrastructure that leads to source code development collaborations.

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