Tech Trends for 2014

Here at, we like to stay abreast of developments in the tech world, especially those relating to the internet. As we approach the halfway point of the second decade of web 2.0’s influence on the web, it’s important to take a look into the future to see what changes might be coming.

Blake Callens at ExitEvent has written a great article covering four trends he says you should look out for in the coming year. One of them directly discusses web 2.0 and its future.

The first three trends he discusses are also worth taking a look at, before getting to the web 2.0 trend. The first trend Blake mentions, one you’ve likely noticed already, is the move to mobile. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to access the web, compared to the traditional PC or laptop.

Secondly, Blake sees voice recognition becoming the norm when it comes to interacting with technology. This will certainly be an interesting trend to keep an eye on. Will consumers truly embrace voice technology? That remains to be seen.

Third (and related to web 2.0) is Blake’s prediction that social networking will shift towards messaging services and “feed based networks.” The traditional powerhouse and web 2.0 giant Facebook may see more and more people moving away from its service.

Finally, with respect to the web 2.0 model, Blake and many others foresee problems when it comes to businesses. Businesses are realizing that even with all of the online data at hand for consumers and users, turning that data into profit requires a very large user base. These critics have a point regarding web 2.0 as a business model. Many of the most famous web 2.0 platforms like Reddit and Twitter have never made a profit. If Twitter fails to start making large profits after recently going public, the web 2.0 business model might be on its way out.

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