Will Create “Integration Marketplace” To Make Integration Easier

Integrated automation systems are a huge benefit to large enterprises. They allow all digital system’s databases and operations to be managed easily, providing valuable feedback and data reports. Large enterprises use these integrated platforms to run every aspect of business across all branches. While these systems are hugely beneficial, it’s the actual integration itself that is the issue. Expensive IT specialists must be hired to complete this process in order to fully integrate platforms. It is estimated that these companies spend roughly $500 billion each year to work with system integrators. The start-up company is hoping to change the future of the way these platforms are integrated, which could potentially save companies’ billions.

The new platform will function similarly to the popular IFFT software, which makes it easy for users to integrate channels they use for their personal business or website such as Facebook, Evernote, or Dropbox. It does so by providing the user with easy to understand “recipes” of how to integrate specific apps. While this is relatively straightforward for simple apps like these, enterprise apps are much more complex and time-consuming to integrate. So set out to apply this process to enterprise apps. To date, has raised nearly $3 million from a handful of investors. What they have done so far is great at making enterprise app integration easy for tech-minded employees. They have created a user-friendly way for people to visualize how these apps “speak” to each other using scripts and made these scripts into icons that are easy to drag and drop where needed. Essentially, a business owner will go into the integration marketplace, find the “recipe” that lets his or her inventory management system “speak” to accounting software, and simply add it to the platform. Additionally, people that are experienced with coding will be able to create new “recipes” and further customize functionality.

In addition to the $3 million already raised, has piqued the interest of other investors who have long been awaiting an integration platform that reduces the need for costly IT integration specialists, continuing to improve workflow and productivity.


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