Trends in Wearable Tech

September promises big changes for the wearable tech industry. Major tech companies are upping their game to go beyond the Apple Watch. Here are the highlights.

LG Watch Urbane Deluxe

The South Korea tech company is combining fashion and function with their newest wearable tech, being unveiled in September. Crafted with 23 karat gold (more durable than the 24 karat gold we associate with fine jewelry) and alligator leather, the watch retails for $1,200. That’s a steep price to pay for the average consumer, but it’s a fine alternative considering that luxury Apple Watches can set you back as much as $10,000.

Lenovo Moto 360 II

Lenovo announced its plan to unveil its next gen smart watch on the Chinese social network Weibo this week. The Moto 360 II will feature a rose gold face, better resolution, and more sophisticated battery power than its predecessor. It is also rumored that the company will release a water resistant sport model with GPS and a hybrid display.

Huawei Watch

The Android Wear watch will feature a round circular display and swap-able wristbands. According to the company, the built-in heart rate monitor will be more sensitive than the Apple Watch. Compatible with Android and iPhone, pre-orders start September 17 and retails for $349.

Tencent QQ Smart Watch For Kids

The fear of losing your children can be pushed to the back of your mind, thanks to this new smartwatch from Tencent. Designed with kids in mind, the watch has built-in GPS and wifi. It even has an SOS button for kids to press when they are in trouble. Though it’s expected to hit American markets by the end of the year, there is no price tag yet. The Chinese company did say that they expected it to be “very affordable.”

As summer fades and holiday shopping season looms on the horizon, tech companies are unveiling their newest gadgets. From the sports lover to the lover of luxe, there is a wearable tech for everyone.

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