Tutoring (Finally) Getting a Boost from Web 2.0 Tech

Combining the power of the internet with education hasn’t been covered nearly as much as it should be. Nor have enough developments been made to improve the integration of internet technologies into education. In many respects, outside of using the internet to collaborate and research, the education field has been slow to adopt the full power of web 2.0 ideas and the technologies that power them.

Sure there are online classes, but they simply take the format of a traditional class, where you absorb the material and do the work, submitting assessments over the internet. However, some institutions and websites have taken education and the internet much further.

They utilize video and audio to bring lectures and lessons to people all over the world, in many cases, for free. This has been a big change on the internet in the past five to ten years, especially in the last five years. There is a wealth of information out there for anyone willing to take the time to learn it.

One aspect of education which hasn’t received much attention but is really starting to utilize the flexibility, power, access, and opportunities the internet provides is tutoring. Tutoring is an industry ripe for taking advantage of the internet and how closely connected everyone now is.

One recent article by Ki Mae Heussner discusses five startups which are taking tutoring to the 2.0 level, a long overdue change. They are focusing on harnessing the power of the web for one-on-one learning.

It’s surprising that this idea hasn’t been more strongly developed online, especially since the technology has been around for quite some time. Perhaps this is the tail end of the web 2.0 philosophy and it’s looking like one that has room to grow. According to Heussner, the “global private tutoring market will surpass $102.8 billion by 2018.”

This is a great direction for the technologies that spurred the web 2.0 movement to now be utilized in. We’re all more connected than we’ve ever been, and now we can help each other learn better than we have ever been able to.

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