Is Twitter Dying or Just Getting Started?

In recent days, Twitter has been very much in the spotlight. It looks as if the social media giant is experiencing the same problems navigating the challenges of being a publicly traded company that Facebook met soon after its own transition.

Poor performance and worries about Twitter’s growth has caused Wall Street analysts to trash the stock over the past week. This lead two authors at The Atlantic to claim that Twitter is dead, or at least dying. They even titled their op-ed, “A Eulogy for Twitter.”

The biggest problem is that Twitter users – while still growing – are becoming less and less active. Twitter was and still is one of the most important developments to come out of the Web 2.0 philosophy. The company and the services Twitter provides has changed the internet in ways unimaginable since it was first introduced.

The authors claim the feel and the culture of Twitter has changed, and for the worse. But others aren’t quite so ready to claim Twitter is finished.

At Slate, Will Oremus claims Twitter is on the verge of becoming something bigger and better. Will claims the reliance on selective (and often insufficient) evidence is creating the unfounded view that Twitter isn’t a good buy and doesn’t have the right potential to grow. Active users aren’t the most important to Will.

Will, citing the purchase of MoPub as well as Twitter’s access to a vast indirect audience, is adamant the company still has a lot of potential. It is certainly evident Twitter is facing some challenges as it continues to adjust to life with the pressures of Wall Street. How it continues to grow or change in the future will certainly determine if Twitter continues to be relevant.

It’s probably safe to say that Twitter isn’t down for the count just yet.

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