Twitter Takes Web 2.0 to Music

When web 2.0 concepts took over the internet, some of the biggest and most popular websites on the net were just getting started. The predictions about how influential they would be certainly came true. Twitter is one of those websites and they have been constantly improving their services.

Twitter has now become the source for the timeliest information about disasters, news, crises, events, sports, and any other topic someone would want information about. It can be used in emergency relief for communication and organization. Individuals can personally reach thousands or even millions of followers in an instant.

Twitter has always been about connecting people, and as it continues to grow in users, what the service can offer continues to grow as well. Very recently rumors of Twitter combining its power with music started to grow on the internet. They were true.

On April 18th, Twitter unveiled #music to the world. After acquiring We Are Hunted, a music aggregator which scours the web to find whatever music is currently the most popular, many on the internet knew that something big was coming from Twitter concerning the realm of music.

Now people will be able to utilize one of the most powerful and important web 2.0 and social platforms online, Twitter, to find, discover, and listen to music all over the world. There’s no telling how far #music will go in terms of helping artists get discovered and helping individuals find the music they love.

Twitter’s work with #music carries on the tradition of web 2.0 philosophies, even though they are over 10 years old at this point. Despite being over 10 years old, the concepts and ideas behind the web 2.0 movement are still very influential in bringing people together on the web. With #music, Twitter can get a read on the pulse of the web and show exactly what users are listening to, sharing, and enjoying at any moment in time.

This is definitely an interesting time to be a music lover. Hopefully we’ll see more popular social media sites start implementing similar ideas in music and other subjects people care greatly about.

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