Web 2.0 Great for Women

The concept of Web 2.0 has been having a huge influence around the online world for quite a few years now. Integration of websites with social media and mobile platforms has been moving along so rapidly that it’s almost unbelievable. Interactive websites have exploded all over the web and are now providing a much better experience for web surfers than ever before. A new startup is taking the Web 2.0 philosophy to heart and it’s good news for women.

Boutine and Women

Boutine is a new startup that plans to take the fashion world by storm. It’s a web service that provides women the ability to create their own boutiques. Yes, that means women can actually make some money with their fashion knowledge by applying their own unique talents to the website. How?

Basically how it works is that a user on Boutine will be able to mix and match from thousands of products in their own boutique. The products users will be able to mix and match are also sold by Boutine and come from a variety of different sources. Boutine will sell the item or set in question and take a 20% commission and the designer will earn 10%. A win-win situation for everyone involved! For more info, check out TechCrunch’s article here.

Strong Web 2.0 Ideas to Drive Success

If you couldn’t tell already, the idea behind Boutine has really embraced the philosophy of Web 2.0. It’s completely interactive and embraces all forms of social media. It’s so interactive that users of the site are the ones who create material for other users to purchase. Talk about Web 2.0 in action!

If you want to check out the site, head on over to it by clicking here. The site is currently still in beta mode, but look to see it becoming more popular among the fashion crowd! You might even be able to make a little money off of it, if you’re fashion-savvy.

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