Web 2.0 Hackathon a Success

Don’t worry, in this case, a hackathon is a good thing! Today we’re writing about something that we wrote a blog post about a few weeks ago. The h4d2 hackathon took place from September 21st to September 23rd at Aston University in the UK.

In case you didn’t see our original blog post that covered the hackathon, this was essentially a gathering for tech masters and disaster relief professionals to get together and examine how Web 2.0 tech can be put to better use in disaster response. The goal is to make disaster response teams work easier and more efficiently while ultimately saving more lives through preparation or rescue.

The hackathon took place over the announced dates and was a success. According to Phys.org the conference “explored a range of areas, including how to best make relevant date easily accessible to key personnel and the use of online street maps” to enhance and improve the ability of rescue teams to do their vital work.

There were plenty of speakers at the event that shared their opinions and expertise about the topics. Some came from the United Nations, others from the Sahana Foundation, and a few more respectable organizations involved in rescue and Web 2.0 work.

Another big focus of the hackathon was discussing how social media can and should play a role in helping with disaster relief. There are a lot of possible applications of social media in disaster relief as the technology continues to get better. Twitter can be used to easily organize large groups of rescue teams spread all over a region. It can also be used to get important emergency information to people in need. These are just a few of the uses discussed at the h4d2 event.

There’s plenty more work to do, and lucky for everyone involved, the next h4d2 hackathon is going to be in April of 2013. Web 2.0 technology is already involved in disaster relief and as creative minds continue to get together, it’s only going to get better.

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