Web Design and Psychology

Much like emotional intelligence is important for a sales specialist to understand, how a website makes a visitor feel is the first opportunity a company has to make an impact on that visitor. For instance, it has been proven that readers’ eyes move in an “F” shaped pattern down a webpage. It follows that important content should follow that same pattern.

Content that is concise and easy to follow, with an appreciation for the white space on a webpage and the verbiage, can make or break the effectiveness of a website. Websites that are well designed can evoke a sense of peace from the site visitor, but if they are poorly designed, they can create confusion, annoyance, and even anxiety.

Colors used on a webpage should be carefully chosen. Loading up too much color on one page can disorient a site visitor. Colors that remain in a theme and used as accents on the page are much more enticing to viewers. Just as bright colors are used for depression patients to brighten moods, neutral greens and yellows are used in hospital environments to promote wellness. Blues have been shown to be effective in aiding student learning. The color of your website will affect the viewership.

Another thing to consider when designing a webpage is the font used. Often, frilly or bold fonts can be great when used as an attention getter at the top of the page, but overuse of such typefaces can be a headache for the reader. Keeping clean, sans serif typefaces for the main body of the page will allow the viewer to read through the content with ease. Choosing a font that is large enough for your target audience is also an important consideration. If your site deals with retirement or senior citizen information, having a larger font will accommodate your average reader who will likely be over the age of 50.

Taking these psychological notes into consideration when building a webpage will result in a much more fluid site that is helpful and effectively highlights the point of the website.

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