What’s Next for Video on the Web in 2014?

When Web 2.0 was first being discussed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, much of the talk was about how to direct the development of the internet to encourage user engagement and user-created content. On top of that, building a digital community of users was an important aspect of the idea of Web 2.0.

One aspect of the current internet that was a little overlooked in the past but is unavoidable now is the sheer amount of video content available on the web. Much of it is user-generated and much of it is also created by advertisers and businesses. Regardless of who makes the video content or why, there’s no denying that video on the web has become one of the most important ways to consume content.

With that fact in mind, it’s interesting to see what could happen in 2014 with video. Basho Mosko has written a great article on Venture Beat concerning predictions for video in 2014.

Basho makes some interesting predictions which very well may come true in the New Year. One of the most striking is the idea that online video is going to start replicating the “TV experience” for users. Technology today like Chromecast and other online-connected boxes and TVs makes this more possible than it ever has been.

Another interesting (and good for consumers) prediction is that Basho believes providers like Netflix and Amazon will begin creating more in-house content. If Netflix’s previous attempts at this are any indication, that means we’ll be getting more high quality content accessible from more platforms. In addition to that prediction, Basho believes that crowd-funded video content is more likely than ever to happen in a big way in 2014.

Basho has a few other predictions that are worth checking out, so be sure to click on the link above. Whatever happens in 2014 you can be sure that online video is going to be making some serious leaps forward and there’s no telling how far it will go.

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