Windows 10 Delivers Much Needed Changes

Windows 10 seems to be the answer we’ve all been waiting for because it is a great PC operating system. After the outcry against Windows Vista and Windows 8, we are about to see some much needed changes. Microsoft plans to release the new OS on July 29th, and it has some pretty great features.

It’s Interface Gets a Facelift
Microsoft designed Windows 10 to be used by both novices and experts. Even though the touch screen of Windows 8 didn’t get amazing reviews, Windows 10 will stay true to its touch screen capability. Microsoft simply changed and evolved the interface.

One of the biggest problems with Windows 8 was the task switching on the left-hand side of the screen, which was confusing and cumbersome to use. Windows 10 fixes that issue by utilizing thumbnails for open apps. Now, swiping left or hitting WINKEY+TAB will bring up thumbnails of all open apps and desktops, so you can easily select the one you want to use.

The Start Bar Returns
Another great addition to Windows 10 is the return of the Start bar. Loyal Windows users were outraged when the Start bar disappeared with Windows 8. Many people detested the use of “tiles” to navigate through programs and apps. But, Windows 10 has returned to its roots and reinvented the Start bar, which will once again be the main way to navigate the OS. The sub-menus still feature tiles, but they are resizable and unobtrusive.

Universal Apps
Windows’ new apps integrate across all platforms. Called Universal apps, they will be transferrable from desktops and phones to tablets and servers. Also, they completely redesigned their app store and consolidated it into one giant superstore featuring Universal apps. Older Windows store apps will still work with Windows 10.

Enterprise Features
Microsoft voiced their desire to make the OS appeal more to businesses and enterprises. In addition to improving the user interface and streamlining other features, they also added other enterprise capabilities. These include a customized store and security for corporate data.


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