With Glass, Google Brings Web 2.0 Tech to People Like Never Before

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or simply don’t pay attention to the news online, you’ve probably heard about Google’s Project Glass. Known better simply as “Glass,” Google’s push into wearable computing we can access at all times of the day is moving along quite nicely.

Google’s founders and a lot of their prominent employees have always been supporters of the web 2.0 movement and its philosophy. Glass is an extension of the social, user-generated idea of the internet. It’s web 2.0 taken to the ultimate level: integrating technology with life.

Glass will incorporate a wide variety of Google’s services, including Google+. It will work as a reminder, a camera for photos and videos, a map, and much more. If Glass catches on, it could change how we go about our daily lives immensely. People will have access to social media, email, and the web at a moment’s notice any time they are wearing Glass!

The most recent news about Glass (which is due for release in 2013, by the way) is that Google is pulling more and more people into the Glass project to work as testers and explorers. There are plans to reach several thousand people for the expansion as Google preps for release.

Prospective explorers had to share how they would use Glass in a creative and meaningful manner. Some of the users who have been offered Glass ahead of release have come up with some very excellent ideas. One will use Glass to share her grandmother’s homeland of Japan with her without her grandmother needing to travel. A second person invited to be an explorer wanted to use Glass to share war memorials with veterans at VA Hospitals around the country.

It’s very encouraging to see the beneficial, human, and meaningful ways people want to use Glass. If these trends continue, Glass might end up being less of a tech gadget, and more of a way to help people connect with one another.

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