The World of Fitness Technology

The pedometer has reached a new level; fitness technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and there is a wide range of technology available to help you lose weight and stay in shape. Bands, bracelets, and shoe accessories help fit tech wearers track calories, sleep, and steps. All the information these little gadgets take in is transmitted to an online site so the wearer can update information and get a complete health picture.

Fitness bands and watches have been around for a while now, but new bands entering the market promise more innovation and easier, more reliable fitness tracking. Microsoft recently unveiled a wrist band that does more than track fitness data. It has GPS capabilities and displays social media and cell phone information. Going by a coffee shop after the gym? It has the technology to allow you to pay for coffee via your wrist. At $199, the innovative device is affordable and promises to be a real step in health management.

According to a PWC study, 21% of American consumers own a wearable fitness device, which is roughly equal to the number of tablet users. Wearable tech isn’t the only advancement in fitness technology, though it is an important motivation factor for users. Netpulse, a software company focused on cardio machine technology, is working on incorporating health data from the machine, wearable tech, and entertainment into a one screen experience.

Man’s best friend is also benefitting from the fit tech trends. Many pet parents have started using the trackers to help get Fido in shape, too. Monitoring heart, temperature, and food intake can help pet owners determine exactly what their dog needs to remain happy and healthy.

The real question is whether fitness technology is necessary to reach your fitness goals. The jury is still out, and fitness tech can’t make a person be more active. Fit tech devices are, however, helpful motivational tools that many consumers consider to be an integral piece of fitness training.

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