Adaptive Wellbeing Psychometric (AWP) Demo Site


Elation is providing you access to its psychometric assessment and report so that you can have first-hand experience with the tool set. Data from this demo site is not permanently stored, so if you would like to retain a copy of your results, please use the Print… or Save Page As… feature on your browser.


When an entire organization uses this assessment, the aggregate data is delivered through Elation’s Wellbeing Workbench™ web portal in the form of an intuitive heat map diagram and other supporting visualizations. This clearly identifies organizational "hot spots", thus driving more effective risk assessment and leading to efficient resource utilization – essentially creating a "P&L of Wellbeing".

For more information, please contact Elation at or 855.878.2400.

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Elation develops industry-specific psychometric assessments and data visualization tools that help clients strengthen their Wellbeing and Performance initiatives.